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Executive Summary

Positive Steps, Inc. is a company with over 15 years experience. The professional skills of its founders are key when it comes to serving the growing need for counseling individuals in all communities.

Counseling will include the treatment and education of the following: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Domestic Violence, Child and Elderly Abuse, as well as the Sexually and Spiritually Abused.

Positive Steps, Inc. will offer tools in how to cope with parenting skills, anger management, exploration of the inner child, co-dependency / adult children of alcoholics, and support groups in areas that would be needed for recovery. In addition, the availability of a certified counselor would be available upon request.

Positive Steps, Inc. will bring over a decade of dedicated experienced professionals to this endeavor. Classes will be offered in the various disciplines keeping in mind the philosophy engendered in the Mission Statement. We are mandated to effect the recovery of our clients.

Business Background

The Company

Positive Steps, Inc. is a dynamic technological corporation. We have seen the need for our expertise and the growth this industry has in the country. We are offering one-on-one counseling and group therapy with certified counselors. Positive Steps, Inc is a corporation established in 1999, and founded by Marilyn K. Hoffman. Positive Steps, Inc. is also expanding its home to include Los Angeles County, California. Positive Steps, Inc. will set up future sites in surrounding counties in Southern California.

The Service

Positive Steps, Inc, was created for the sole purpose of providing our service to everyone. Appointments will be available in our office from 8am to 5pm for support groups and one-on-one therapeutic messages and discussions. Each session will be with a certified counselor. Positive Steps, Inc. wishes to set it's foundation of faith and peace, with the hope that each person will regain their self esteem, self worth with a feeling of accomplishment.

We are able to offer our clients affordable sliding payment scales for people who are unemployed, on Social Security, disabled persons, and veterans. The key point will be affordable charges for services rendered by Positive Steps, Inc.

Mission Statement

Positive Steps, Inc. was formed to serve the needs of the co-dependent, needy, addicted, abused child, adult, and elderly.

Remedies include drug and alcohol counseling, parenting skills, anger management, exploration of the inner child, alleviating co-dependency, dysfunctional family support groups, adult children of alcoholics support groups and support groups for each individual area needed for the recovery of each problem area. Methods include reality therapy by association.

Through careful planning and extensive research, Positive Steps, Inc. will be able to offer a substantial discount to its clients.


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Office Location:
Positive Steps Inc.
5230 N. Clark
Lakewood, California 90712

Phone: 562.804.2700
 Fax: 562.496.2104
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